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Scatter graph with horizontal lines
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:34 am    Post subject: Scatter graph with horizontal lines Reply with quote

am trying to design a shewhart chart for a lab. I have spent hours and hours using Crystal but have no joy. I recently downloaded the demo of CRChart in the hope it would help.
I want a scatter graph based on numerical values on the Y axis and dates on the x axis. There can be more than one record on the same date so I am using all records instead of "on change of". Then I need to display some horizontal lines based on certain values determined at runtime - these are the mean value which must be green, and standard deviation values namely -
Upper Warning Limit = Mean + (StdDev * 2) - must be orange
Upper Confidence Limit = Mean + (StdDev * 3) - must be red
Lower Warning Limit = Mean - (StdDev * 2)- must be orange
Lower Confidence Limit = Mean - (StdDev * 3)- must be red

I calculate these values in code and then use special fields in the table to store them. If I want to access these values via CRChart and set the user lines then I have to insert them into my show values list, but this then skews the position of the markers as these values are not actually meant to be on the graph -I just need to know them for the position of the lines.
My boss is prepared to purchase the CRChart software if we can get a graph to work exactly as required.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Can you send me an eMail with the following?

1) Tell me which version of CR you use (8,9,10,11,11r2, 2008).
2) Send me a sample .rpt (saved WITH data) that shows the scatter chart as close as you've been able to get it.
3) An image or a link to the type of chart you are trying to create.

I'll play with the .rpt here at CRChart headquarters and see if I can make it produce the exact results you want.

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