@USER_CIRCLE_ABOVE (User-Defined Outlined Circle Above Chart Area)

In 2D charts, this macro fills a portion of the chart frame with an outlined circle that is drawn in front of chart risers. Set fStartX and fStopX to zero to select the lower left corner of the chart frame.


@USER_CIRCLE_ABOVE fStartX fStopX fStartY fStopY nRed nGreen nBlue nLineStyle nThickness szPhrase


fStartX; 0.0...1.1 X-Axis start location

fStopX; 0.0...1.1 X-Axis stop location

fStartY; 0.0...1.1 Y-Axis start location

fStopY; 0.0...1.1 Y-Axis stop location

nRed; 0...255 defines the RED portion of the RGB color

nGreen; 0...255 defines the GREEN portion of the RGB color

nBlue; 0...255 defines the BLUE portion of the RGB color

nLineStyle; 0...15 selects the outline style:

nThickness; 0...1000 selects the thickness of the outline.

szPhrase; Optional phrase. Add a tilde character (~) to this string if you intend to define another macro in the same title field.


@USER_CIRCLE_ABOVE 0.0 0.5 0.0 0.5 0 255 0 0 1000 Three D Graphics




Crystal Reports 9 or Higher


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